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You're on a blog called Date Tomato, a wonderful and mysterious place filled with inspiring words and other stuff. Good stuff. Date Tomato is taking the place of the date ideas page of Plume Blue. We'll explore all over the Twin Cities for you and come back with some of the coolest, and often lesser-known places to date. You can visit our about page for more information.

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Hopefully, Date Tomato becomes a place you look to when you're fresh out of ideas for dates. You can search by price and location in the search bar to the left. And, as you've noticed, if you're logged into Plume Blue you get this handy toolbar. What you'll also notice is the feather located next to the header of each post. If you like the date idea, you can post it directly to Plume Blue from Date Tomato! Pretty Cool. Enjoy.


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David Byrne?s Playing the Building or Chopsticks

David Byrne?s Playing the Building?if you didn?t know?was an art installation in the Aria building in the North Loop. Here?s the elevator pitch: A large warehouse is cleared out, retrofitted with weird noisemakers (motors, pipes, etc) all connected to a central organ?an organ which you can play. So when you punch a key, no organ pipe sounds, but in a distant (or not so distant) warehouse cranny, a sound originates. You really do play the building. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well it is, pretty cool, that is. The Aria warehouse is a stark open space that creates a certain sense of the grandiose when seated at the organ. On the second floor, the building does provide a few listening rooms outfitted with vintage decor. But initially, we wandered through the open spaces listening to people bang on the organ. Or at least, that?s certainly what it sounded like.

The source of the musical incoherence became clear when it was online casino our turn to ?play the building.? It was impossible. And that?s saying a lot coming from someone that played online casino piano until the age of 11 (just kidding). As the line formed behind us while we played the organ, the ridiculous sounds that we were creating sounded sillier and sillier.

Overall, the concept?creating an instrument out of a building?turned out to be a little cooler than the idea in practice. Nevertheless, it was worth experiencing. We ended up wandering out of the building after about a half hour, and that was about as long as you would want to spend there.

This would be a great first date if you:

  1. Like musical experiments (or any experimental thinking of any sort).
  2. Aren?t good at the piano (because if you are, you might be disappointed at how bad your music sounds).
  3. Are or are not claustrophobic. You will feel no claustrophobia (unless you?re super claustrophobic, in which case you likely have trouble entering buildings).
  4. Can maintain conversation over coffee or a drink. You?ll probably want to grab one before or after, because this won?t keep you entertained for too long.

Unfortunately, you just read this, but you can?t go. It?s over (this was more of a review than a preview). But there?s always cool art around. Check out the Soap Factory?they?ve always got good stuff.

Huge Theater

HUGE Theater says that improv is ?built on conquering fears and working collaboratively in an accepting environment.? Doesn?t that sound a little like a first date?

If the comparison isn?t working for you, imagine the weird situations in improv… sounding more like a first date? I could describe improv in my own words, but this clip from Inception, in which Cobb describes the dream world says it better. Improv actors perceive and create their world simultaneously. Because of this?like in dreams?the audience witnesses crazy universes, hilarious non-sequiturs, and situations your mind would never produce on its own. In improv though, it somehow manages to make sense.

HUGE improv specializes in a rare type of improv called long-form improvisation, and HUGE is the only place in the Twin Cities you can find it. Don?t think Who?s Line Is It Anyway (yes, I?m sure you love Who?s Line); rather think of an extended scene or production sans a script. And if all you?re interested in is Wayne Brady doing hoedowns stop reading here. (That was sarcasm, please read on. Here?s a clip of Wayne Brady?to get you through it.)

HUGE has an industrial look and yet personal feel. I walked in (an unassuming Tomato Dater) and received a friendly greeting from Butch Roy who turned out to be the Executive Director. At first I thought they must?ve known I was coming, what with the executive director greeting me and providing a free Vitamin Water. But no, apparently they had never even heard of Date Tomato (What? Have they been living a under a rock!?) and Vitamin Waters are free i would definately recommend learning to drive with Dan and driving games and i will miss my lessons Thank you Dan Passed in 3 months! Felix Morris taught me to drive on a semi-intensive basis across a 3 month period. for anyone who bikes!

The actual theater “I think that poker along with other types of gambling, poker particularly since it’s considered a social activity and never gambling by itself, kids can get up in the center of the evening when they cannot sleep, or they are available home late plus they challenge one another to state, ‘let’s play some poker or some blackjack . space is anything but HUGE. The stage is nondescript and small. The seating seems as if it?s been pulled together at the last minute rather than part of a theater approaching its first birthday that sells out many shows. All of this, however, lends to the style and atmosphere of the theater?as if the theater itself is improvised every evening. It?s fun, casual and personal. After the show the cast comes out and mingles in the lobby. From start to finish it feels like every detail was calculated and at the same time those details are entirely spontaneous?as is the point, one would imagine.

HUGE is located on Lyndale and 31st. There?s new stuff going on all the time. Check out their full schedule here. The shows are short and cheap and funny and there?s beer. Really, what more could you want for a first date?

Edit: I guess I can”t say that they”re the only place that does long-form improv in the Twin Cities, because if you try hard, you can find shows scattered around. They”re just the only theater dedicated to it. On the other hand, I can say whatever I want.?